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Palau - fairy-tale in the heart of Pacific Ocean
Antarctic diving expedition
Where coral reefs come from
Safety in underwater hunting
Deep decompression stops
New sight underwater
Miracle valve
Underwater world of the pop-star Kristina
Diving family of the year
Instructor of the year
Snorkeling for diving
Happy birthday, Diving Club of MSU!
Festival of Underwater Images "Silver shark": Kiev, 2002.
Diving research of the war tragedies and many other interesting articles nd news!

The Echo of the War

The magazine DC is a general info-sponsor of the broad underwater explorations of shipwrecks of the World War Two. On the bottom of the Black Sea there are thousands of wrecks, found their fates in 1941-1944. Every sunk ship, submarine or airplane has it's own tragic history. The professional diving club "Neptun-pro" (Toliatti, Russia) makes a thorough underwater search and recovery of the new wrecks, while the magazine makes their photo and video, during the whole summer - 2002. Photo-reports with results of these expeditions You will find in the issues of DC.


Key event of the year! Moscow International Diving Festival 2003

20-23 February 2003 The First International Specialized Exhibition - "Diving"

Initiators of the project are
"Association of extension work of diving"
Exhibition company "Global Expo"