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  • Romantic of the Cave-diving
  • Deep-Sea Portrait
  • Conchilomania
  • Seasickness
  • Diving Gear: Personal or Lease
  • President - Diver
  • Scavenging Action

First in the diving history deep diving expedition to the WWII wrecks of Palau will happen in the middle of March. The team of experienced Russian Extended Range and Trimix divers is led by Dr. Dmitri Orlov, President of Underwater World group and Instructor-Trainer TDI. The expedition is hosted by Fish'n Fins, the first technical diving center on Palau. Trimix station and Helium have been transported to the center from US especially for this unique expedition. This event will be widely announced in Russian media and TV, as well as on our site.

Russian Diving Magazine 'Diving Club' is an info-sponsor of the Festival of Manta diving on the Yap island  - MANTAFEST. This event is hosted by the Manta Ray Bay Hotel & Yap Divers and inspired by it's owner Bill Acker. All the details about "Mantafest" are on its special web-site:
Russian Diving Magazine "Diving Club" welcomes all Russian and CIS underwater photographers to the 2d Photo Festival on Palau in the end of May. This is a great opportunity to meet the most prominent professionals in this field and experience a great communication with colleagues from all over the world.
The next issue of DC (February-March)  is to be published on the 17th of February. In the issue:  cave diving, diving on Maldives, great photofestival on Palau, deep sea creatures, conchiological mania, seasickness, right choice of diving equipment, diving of the Philippine President, family diving, free diving training, PADI project AWARE in Russia and much more!
The high season of Diving Shows is very close in Russia!

In the end of February - March, all Russian diving industry will be presented on the 3 biggest Sport & Travel exhibitions in Moscow.

1st International Diving Festival, February, 20-23d. Radisson-Slavjanskaja Hotel in the center of Moscow. In the agenda of this Festival  - the 1st Festival of Underwater Images.

Sport & Leasure exhibition, March, 12-15th. Expo-Center on Krasnaja Presnja.

Travel & Leasure Exhibition, March, 26-29th. Expo-Center on Krasnaja Presnja.

DC is participating in all three shows. You are welcome to our booths! If You want to meet us there, please, send a message to the address:

The magazine DC is a general info-sponsor of the broad underwater explorations of  shipwrecks of the World War Two. On the bottom of the Black Sea there are thousands of wrecks, found their fates in 1941-1944. Every sunk ship, submarine or airplane has it's own tragic history. The professional diving club "Neptun-pro" (Toliatti, Russia) makes a thorough underwater search and recovery of the new wrecks, while the magazine makes their photo and video, during the whole summer - 2002. Photo-reports with results of these expeditions You  will find in the issues of DC.
Key event of the year! Moscow International Diving Festival 2003

20-23 February 2003 The First International Specialized Exhibition - "Diving"

Initiators of the project are
"Association of extension work of diving"
Exhibition company "Global Expo"

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