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9 2004

You have probably got used to coral gardens as well as to birches or dandelions, just take them as a background for whale sharks and other familiar fish. However, according to the scientists, our grandchildren if not our children will know them just from pictures. And if the corals die out there'll be no coral fish, and no great depth inhabitants narrowly escaped will come to the shallow depth That is there won't be much for a diver to look for.
What can we do to save corals? First of all be aware of the catastrophe to come. That's why the highlight of this issue is LIFE AND DEATH OF CORAL REEFS.

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  • Barrier Reef Guide
  • Malaysian Diary
  • Island of Russian Glory
  • Cruiser Oleg
  • Celebrate the Sea Imagery Festival 2004: Follow-up


1 September :: Our anniversary

It's been five years since the first issue of Diving Club appeared. For the Earth five years is just a second, for a coral reef it's nothing more than a brief moment, for a human being it's quite a period of time And for a magazine?

19 March :: Moscow International Festival Diving 2004

February 19-22 the Second Moscow International Festival Diving 2004 was held in Radisson-Slavyanskaya Hotel (see photo gallery). Its too early to draw final conclusions but we can say one thing for sure: the festival was a success and it must go on. All the participants agree in it, for whom it is to speak now.

26 January :: Nazarbaev Showed Putin a Tank with Piranhas

During the friendly visit of the Russian President to Kazakhstan, Vladimir Putin and Nursultan Nazarbaev went to see Astana-Baiterick monument. The monument is located in the middle of the new civic center of Astana (still under construction).


Tuesday, December 9, the representatives of the leading Moscow PADI dive-centres and schools had a meeting at the Russian PADI centre. The subject of the discussion was the unscrupulous behaviour of some clubs and independent instructors.

5 November :: Dolphinarium at the Moscow Zoo

We have visited the inhabitants of the Dolphinarium at the Moscow Zoo. The meeting was warm (water +21 , air +2  ) and friendly. We are grateful to the Dolphinarium staff for help and hospitality. Find more details in the  next issue of the magazine. Go to the photo gallery to see the pictures.

27 October :: A new home, a new rhythm

We have two important announcements to make. First, we've moved to a new office and we have new phone numbers: +7 095 236-2580, 237-2457.
But the main thing is
... next year Diving Club will become the first MONTHLY diving magazine in Russia. The first double issue (#1-2) will come out in February and from March onwards all the subscribers and readers of our magazine will have an opportunity to get the underworld news every month!

25 October :: DEMA-2003
The international show of diving industry DEMA has just finished in Miami Beach. The exposition boasted 800 exhibits and 14.000 visitors. In addition to the exposition the Convention center were home to non-stop seminars, presentations and lectures on various aspects of underwater activities. As well as in the previous years there was just one Russian booth - that of Diving Club magazine, of course. Find a brief photo report on the show here.

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