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Various specialties and types of diving activities, like wreck and cave diving, underwater photography, diving with dolphins etc., are discussed in all details with pictures, practical advice, links and tips.
The magazine presents the best photos and artwork of underwater photographers - professionals and amateurs, famous world wide and new talents. In every issue, the portfolio opens the world of photo-art of different authors, with their biography and contact information. The artworks are printed in their full beauty and in full size.
The biggest section of our edition includes extensive stories and brief reports of various diving destinations worldwide, countries, outstanding dive sites and specifics of diving there, resorts, hotels, diving centers, liveboards, special activities like great white cage diving, expeditions, operations and safaris. The articles are full of useful information about local operators and richly illustrated. The spectrum of diving destinations vary from Antarctic and South Africa to the North Pole.
This section combines articles about marine and freshwater fauna: about interesting animals, their biology, behavior, morphology, about local faunas of different places and giant ecological communities. The section allows the readers not only to answer the frequent divers' question "what is that?" but gives also a lot of knowledge about marine creatures and what to do to behave if they cross your way underwater.
This section covers medical aspects of SCUBA-diving, the most frequent health problems, dangers and sicknesses, practical advises how to avoid and cure them. All active travelers and divers in particular should be aware of dangers in any sport activity and region.
Diving is a very gear-dependent sport. That is why diving equipment is one of the most important things in diving education and all activities. Comfort and reliability of our equipment is a crucial factor of pleasure, safety and health while diving. That is why the magazine publishes a lot of articles about various parts of diving gear ranging from BCD and tanks to clips and buoys, comparative characteristics of products of different manufacturers, independent tests of its reliability and hot news in modern technologies.
Stories and biographies of prominent divers, underwater researchers and businessmen, famous and powerful people, who love diving, best instructors and biggest diving families.
Miscellaneous stories and reports on various topics: events and news in diving industry, professional shows and festivals, clubs, history, expeditions, romance and dramas in diving, legends and sport records, etc.
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