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News of underwater literature! On sale today:

D. Orlov, M. Safonov.
‘SCUBA and diving’

D. Orlov.
‘Dangerous marine animals’.

Orlov D.V.
English-Russian and Russian-English Diving Dictionary.

Book ordering: 932-90-29, 932-90-14.

Dear readers! We are happy to present a new Online version of ‘Underwater Club’ magazine. At last sitting in front of your PC monitors stifling in concrete jungles of the city you can enjoy watching photos and reading articles and learn news about diving and sea, which wonders amazed you so much on your last trip, you can’t wait to meet again.
Let our online magazine be your diving instructor and navigator in the ocean of information called Internet.

Online version of ‘Underwater Club’ magazine will not only keep you in touch with Diving Club of MSU activities but will also let you learn all the latest news in the world of diving. You can subscribe to our web-site news and you will be the first to know all about our current and coming events. In our PORTFOLIO subdivision you can enjoy watching the photos of both amateur and well-known professional underwater photographers. Our interactive map provides you with the information about interesting dive sites and travel agencies arranging transfer and accommodation. You can learn about new models of diving gear, their technical specifications and testing in the subdivision EQUIPMENT


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