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26 January :: Nazarbaev Showed Putin a Tank with Piranhas

During the friendly visit of the Russian President to Kazakhstan, Vladimir Putin and Nursultan Nazarbaev went to see Astana-Baiterick monument. The monument is located in the middle of the new civic center of Astana (still under construction).

At the suggestion of Nazarbaev on their way to the monument the two leaders called on the oceanarium, the first completed building of the recreational center Duman (now under construction) which is also to include an aquapark, a hotel and a casino. In the oceanarium the state leaders were shown the tank with piranhas, small sharks, porcupine fish and rays. The presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan also saw the underwater tunnel, one of the longest in the world.
Vladimir Putin inquired whether the oceanarium is popular and whether it pays off. The guide said the oceanarium even brings profit. According to the guide, the Astana oceanarium is the most remote from the ocean in the world. RIA Novosti. 

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